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Our tax and estates team provides representation to US and international entities of all types, including multinationals, institutional investors, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, financial institutions, corporations, international governments, international organizations, trusts and estates, charitable and educational organizations, labor unions, trade associations, and other nonprofit organizations. We also counsel individuals on personal tax matters, employment issues, business investments, and wealth preservation.

Our counselors offer the full range of transactional tax planning services, including counseling in risk management, representation before the IRS, litigation in all federal courts with jurisdiction over tax matters, and appearances before foreign tax agencies. In addition, our tax and estates attorneys advise clients on new tax legislation and regulations, assist in the development of tax policy, and provide representation before Congress, the Department of the Treasury, and other governmental agencies. Before doing any documents with us we recommend you speak to your CPA and/or attorney.  We are not CPA's or attorneys but industry professionals.

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Please note that the author of this blog and webiste, Sean Gjerde is NOT an attorney in the State of California (He holds other licenses) and as such is unable to provide any specific legal advice on California Law. The author is NOT engaged in providing any legal services, and any information contained in this blog and website is NOT intended to constitute legal advice.