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Tim Cushing and why we need to get rid of people like him

Third level morality is on display.  What is that?  It means quite simply to quesiton authority, it means just because one can do something doesn't mean they should do something.  It also means that we cannot live in peace because people are unable to think with third level morality.  Tim Cushing is one of those people, someone unable to simply use third level morality.  What is happening in Oregon is an example of that.  The occupation of a vacant federal outpost, hardly a building is done solely because assholes like Frank R Papagni, Jr., AnneMarie Sgarlata and Kelly Zusman.  


It is time that just because the Government can lock up innocent ranchers doesn't mean they should.  If their is a shoot out then the blood is on the hands of these US prosecutors. 

As seen in 

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