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The Great Silent Majority part 2

The great silent majority was a term that Richard Nixon made to deferentiate most people to those who were protesting the Veitnam War.  Indeed also sorts of wacking social stuff was occuring during the last 60's and early 70's.  Most of this was on television and took up a great swatch of news time as well.  The great silent majority had no voice, until Nixon in one of his most brillant moves as president gave them a voice.  

Flash forward to today, the new Nixon is HIllary, but the one who is carring the mantle of the silent majority is Donald Trump.  He is sezied upon issues most politicians weren't addressing.  The first and most obvious is our problems at the Mexican border and the overall social and econimic decline by allowing so many illegal alliens into the country.  People are very much mad about this.  They are mad that the government has downplayed illegal allien violence towards citiziens.  This silent majority doesn't want comphrensive immigration reform, and don't care of these Mexican citizens get deported.  What they want is less crime, they want stability in schools, they want stability in government, drugs off the streets and so forth.  Illegal alliens are the cause of much of this.  They can never say this, because they don't want to look racist so they play along with comphrensive immigrations reform.  Trump gave voice to them, I can't believe no one has figured this out.  Polls often don't project reality, these people want stability and they love their country and their language and feel it is being stolen by them, by both Republicans and Democrats.  To those Mexicans who take it personally or feel attacked, you should feel that way.  But take it from their prospective, what if we has 12 million Americans just plop down in Baja California, wouldn't you feel attacked?  

Other issues I will get into at a later time that I do believe the silent majority support such as criminal justice reform.  I think both sides, the extreme left and extreme right positions created a industrial prison complex that we can no longer support or afford.  As a country we can't have the State of Main incarcerating as many people as the country of Saudi Arabia.  Its absurd, and we need to do something about it.  Again the silent majroity being played on the war on drugs, a war that rotinuely locked up low level offenders to crazy long sentences and became unable to join society following prison terms, while keeping free big time dealers and trafficers like the recently released El Chapo.  El Chapo and his ilk will never go to prison, but a kid on the streets of DC will..  Same with white collar, we want to throw away the key to a secretary of a mortgage firm, all the while the big bankers and financers go to lavish parties and play with their golden parachute money given as part of the HARP program so long ago.  These banks still not lending, again angering the silent majority.  Its hard for people not to be upset seeing harmless middle class families being destroyed by overzealous prosecutors and mentaly deficient judges.  But hey Democrats and Republicans need those parties, so these low lifes, the actual criminals have their parties.  (By the way part of being reentered into society US Probation will ask you a question to ensure that you as a white collar know that you got the short end, and that they purposefully didn't go after the banks in 2008.  Beyond disgusting, but that's your governemnt.  These are the things that Trump resonates with. 

To be continued. 

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